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What is People & Places?


The role of social care is gradually changing. We seem to be returning to a place where investment in community collateral is increasing and giving people the opportunity to be supported more locally to where they live, more common place. Individuals and their families will increasingly be looking to Local Authorities to support them with the tools and information they need.

10 steps to online success for a person their family, their friends and community:

  • Build their on-line profile
  • List their interests and things they want to achieve
  • Create or join local groups
  • Search for and share activities in the area
  • Design their PCP and watch it come to life
  • Maintain friendships and make new ones
  • Keep in contact through messaging and multimedia
  • Gather evidence of their achievements against PCP goals
  • Take ownership of their life using the activity planner
  • Record their memories in their own private diary

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